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The jury of the Krafthand Technology Award selects MAHA's innovation, for which a patent has been filed in part – the ATS support plate system with individual and form-fit vehicle adapters, especially suitable for electric cars. One of the most significant awards the company receives this year.


Haldenwang, 15th December 2022. The new ATS support plate system takes 1st place in the Krafthand TechAward 2022. The product innovation was chosen by the Krafthand jury, consisting of workshop practitioners and technical experts. The top three finishers and their achieved scores were published on the Krafthand website:
The innovative feature of the winning product is the precise, secure and form-fitting way in which vehicles of all types, especially electric cars, can be accommodated at the lifting points provided by the manufacturer. A special feature worth emphasizing is the exact positioning of the adapters so that there are no interfering contours when installing and removing the batteries. With this technology highlight from MAHA, vehicles are lifted quickly, easily and, above all, safely.

Innovation and highest safety
Maximum safety for users and vehicles is always the top priority in MAHA's product developments. With the ATS, the required safety is achieved through stability. This is ensured by the extra wide rim and the non-slip coating of the support plates, in which the vehicle-specific adapters can be moved back and forth. 
Holger Seeliger, Product and Project Manager at MAHA and responsible for the ATS, summarizes: “While developing the new MAHA support plate system with form-fit vehicle adapters, we not only focused on safety, but also took into account the well-known challenges in workshops. It is clear that this increasingly includes work on electric cars. From our point of view, the ATS is the best solution. We are convinced of this and are confirmed by winning the Krafthand TechAward. We are very proud of this award and thank the jury of experts who chose us.”
At the official award ceremony, MAHA Managing Director Stefan Fuchs, Product and Project Manager Holger Seeliger and Marketing Team Leader Dagmar Müller-Lengdobler collected the certificate and the trophy specially designed for the occasion. Both were handed over by Krafthand Medien Managing Director and Marketing Manager Steffen Karpstein.   

Thus, the Allgäu-based company with production in Germany is going from strength to strength. MAHA's product innovations have already won an award this year as a nominee for the Innovation Award at the industry's leading trade fair Automechanika in Frankfurt, the “Coup de Cœur”, one of the three “International Grand Prix” at the EQUIP AUTO industry trade fair and now first place at the Krafthand TechAward.

“We are very happy about the remarkable awards our products have won so far. For us, it is a motivating and important signal when our innovations are also evaluated by the experts as relevant and innovative products. It confirms us to continue to supply exactly these solutions that the market needs – made in Germany, made by MAHA," says Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director at MAHA.


Picture: MAHA/Krafthand